Where to Go in Newport Beach to Have Fun

Newport Beach Leaves Memories for all who Visit this Coastal Oasis

Knowing where to find all the fun is what will make your experience fun. Newport Beach is no exception to this rule. Newport Beach is located in an area that is the tourist mecca of California coastal destinations. Newport Beach is one of the oldest tourist hot spots on the California Coast. As far back as the early 1800s, people have come from everywhere to taste the adventures that await them on Newport Beach.

Adventure Awaits:

A fantastic adventure awaits you and your family upon visiting one of the oldest running amusement parks. Coin-operated arcade styled games are there for fun in the sun. The days of a Ferris wheel ride are still possible at the Balboa Fun Zone. In addition, maybe if luck is on your side, you can show of your special talents and win the special person in your life a lovely big stuffed animal.

Destinations Abound:

Balboa Marine Avenue will offer up some flair for the shopper who wants to sample it all. There are shops of every type. There is even an old-fashioned Taffy candy store. Tandemsprung Gutschein Some of the sites that can be seen here on Marine Avenue are duplicated nowhere else on this planet. Fudge shops that specialize in homemade chocolates and curiosities lend their wonderful aroma to an old-fashioned time when fun was king.

Something for all who Visit:

Newport Beach has a little something for every member in the family. At Beach-sports Beach Camps, your children can experience the thrill of learning to surf or body-board from trained professionals. Skills like this were never taught, and the skills to do these fun and exciting things usually were only passed to locals. Now, however, your kids can find a new and exciting sport to add some variety to their vacation memories.

Fishing and Excitement:

Davey’s Locker and Sport Fishing will be happy to take you and the whole family on a day of sport fishing or whale watching. Seeing a blue whale come from the depths and break surface 20 feet from your boat will put a touch of magic in your life. Dolphins and tuna break surface regularly to thrill you along your ride out into the deep blue sea. Nothing can be better!


Now if your adventure is not packed full enough at Newport Beach, then head over to Duffy’s Electric Boats. The Electric Boats seat 10 of your friends or family members and best of all you are the captain of the ship. These patio-styled Electric Boats can wisp you all over the waterway for the whole day. The fun and sun will be breathtaking for all who dare to try it.

Bike Rental:

Now maybe you are the type that likes to visit a destination with a little less engagement of energy. If so, Easy Rides Back Alley Bicycles has just what the doctor ordered. You can rent single and two seat bicycles or even tandem ones for a small fee. Take the trip around Newport Beach coastline in pleasure and at your own pace on a bike. The fees for renting one of these bicycles are particularly modest.

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