The Truth About IncomeAtHome

If you’re an avid listener of radio shows, there’s a good chance that you’ve heard an ad or two about┬áIt was also featured on various major conservative talk radio networks all over the United States by well known hosts such as Michael Savage, Bill O’Reilly and Rush Limbaugh. The radio ad had indeed proved itself intriguing. Putting all the hype aside though, it makes us wonder what is it really all about. What are the things that you’ll be doing should you go ahead and jump in to this so called business opportunity?

These were the things that I intended to find out when I started this review. I hope this may aid the many people making up their own minds regarding this system’s viability.

Assessing this particular internet marketing program further, my first impression was tied to the fact that this program serves as a marketing tool to promote Herbalife products among Independent contributors. Thus you can say that this internet marketing program is actually Herbalife itself. It’s just presenting itself to you by another name. Such strategies are not uncommon to this line of business which may involve the sale of generic information products in kits which will cover the initial expenses for marketing. In the case of, the cost of such kits is $9.95 each which includes shipping and handling charges.

Be advised though, that you will automatically be charged $39.95 should you fail to return the kit within 14 days. This information can be found if you take the time to read the fine prints, but let’s face it, who vigilantly does this today? Such fine print strategies are again, not uncommon to the industry although you might say it is indeed quite deceiving.

The Bottom line regarding – its pros and cons

In my best efforts to deliver an unbiased conclusion to this review, I would like to start of by pointing out the great things about and commend them for all the things that are due to them. For a start, the system itself is so well promoted that a vast majority of it’s investors don’t care about the product at all. All that they seek from the system is a great way to make money after all.

However, a critical downside to this system is the fact that it has a considerably low income potential. To put it bluntly, the generation of serious income would probably involve Lavoro da casa online con herbalife enrolling half the overall population in the US and pray to God that they’ll stick to the system so you can get that serious paycheck. Such a premise is obviously beyond impossible.

If you are already a part of the system, it is best that you make the best out of it and at least get your initial investment back. If not then, I firmly believe there are better opportunities out there. What do you think? Please feel free to share your thoughts with us by posting your own review below.

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