I’m an anti-aging guru and here’s my top tips to looking younger and you should ditch brushes and sponges to start

I’m an anti-aging guru and here’s my top tips to looking younger and you should ditch brushes and sponges to start

SKINCARE is so important at all ages – but an anti-aging guru has shared how she goes about performing a face massage to help you look younger. 

It can be hard to know how to look after your skin, especially as you grow older. 

Ava explained the 5 points you need to focus on


Ava explained the 5 points you need to focus onCredit: tiktok/@glowwithava
She showed how to perform the simple massage


She showed how to perform the simple massageCredit: tiktok/@glowwithava

But one skincare expert has delivered a masterclass in performing a simple massage on your face to help smooth out lines and wrinkles.

TikTok user @glowwithava has shown her viewers how to conduct the treatment on themselves using just their fingers. 

“When you don’t have a fancy tool, fingers are your best friend,” she began. 

In the video, she shared the five points of her face and neck she always focuses on when doing an anti-aging massage

“I always like to start from the bottom next to my lips, you just want to lift in upwards motions.

“You want to do this five times on each point and you want to make sure you have a really good grip,” Ava says.

She recommends using a serum or moisturiser underneath which is good for laugh lines but also for people with allergies. 

Ava continues to lift the product up her face in gentle motions before moving onto the eye area.

Rubbing underneath her eyes, she said: “Applying pressure around the eye area relieves tension

“This is because we use our eyes so much throughout the day,” as she continued the swirling motion. 

She advised viewers to “glide not tug” as they navigated the important area. 

Ava moved up to the brown bone area and recommended the same motion, which she said has a lot of tension. 

“Oh my God, this will surprise you because it feels so nice to glide across your brown bone. 

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“Lastly, glide across your forehead for fine lines,” she concluded. 

Viewers in the comments were praising Ava for the tips and vowed to give it a go for themselves. 

She says this massage can be done at any time of the day too, so you can easily fit it into your routine. 

She gradually moved upwards towards her brow bone and forehead


She gradually moved upwards towards her brow bone and foreheadCredit: tiktok/@glowwithava

Ava’s video quickly racked up 88.7K likes and has been shared over 5,000 times by TikTok users.

The beauty whizz shares videos on TikTok and Youtube to a huge audience of 1.6million and 237,000 followers.

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Massage relieves depression, anxiety, stress | Lifestyles

Massage relieves depression, anxiety, stress | Lifestyles

Massage relieves depression, anxiety, stress

(TNS) – Stress is an inevitable part of life. It is nearly impossible to remove all stress from day-to-day life. Stress is physiological and psychological responses to situations the body and mind find to be overwhelming.

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5 incredible Ayurvedic benefits of foot massage

5 incredible Ayurvedic benefits of foot massage

After walking for a whole day many times due to fatigue, the problem of stiffness and pain in the feet and soles bothers us. In this case, massaging the feet gives a lot of relief. It has also been found in research that there are many benefits of foot massage. Massaging not only reduces the pain in the feet but also reduces stress. If the feet are massaged daily, then the energy is also boosted. According to WebMD, when massage is done on the feet, it activates the nervous system due to which endorphins present in the brain are released.

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It has been found in the research that after the surgery of the appendix etc., people who got their feet massaged had to bear less pain and they also needed to consume fewer painkillers. .

Benefits of foot massage

Strong muscles 

Regular massaging of the feet keep the muscle tissue healthy, due to which the muscles there remain strong for a long time. Massage also improves the blood circulation of the feet, which is also beneficial in nerve damage and diabetes.


If you are feeling mentally disturbed and feeling like depression, then you must massage your feet. By doing this the problem of depression goes away.

Better sleep 

If you are unable to sleep at night, massage your feet slowly with your favorite essential oil or coconut oil. By doing this the problem of not getting sleep goes away.

Speedy recovery

With the help of foot massage, you can recover quickly from injuries caused by heels, soles, feet etc. Especially those who are athletes or those who are working out excessively.

Beneficial in pregnancy

If your feet swell during pregnancy, then you must take a foot massage. By doing this, you will not only get relief, but the problem of swelling in the feet will also go away.

Valentine’s Day deal at Burj Al Arab for Dh10,000 will get you a swim and massage

Valentine’s Day deal at Burj Al Arab for Dh10,000 will get you a swim and massage

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and for those whose idea of romantic bliss is a spa evening — and budget is no bar — Burj Al Arab is offering a new moonlight package.

For Dh9,600, the landmark hotel is offering a “romantic version” of its 90-minute Inside Burj Al Arab tour, plus access to UMA Lounge with one complimentary beverage per person.

The main event, however, is a moonlight swim in the pool at Talise Spa, with two glasses of sparkling served with strawberries and cream, and a well-being massage for two.

The tour can be scheduled for between 10:30am and 7pm, while the spa activities will take place between 7pm and 10pm. The package is available throughout Valentine’s Day week.

For those looking for a relatively “affordable” romantic getaway, other packages are available, including a tour with sunset drinks at UMA Lounge for Dh998 per couple; a dinner package for Dh1,598 per couple; and an afternoon tea at Sahn Eddar for Dh839

The UAE is known for its extravagant Valentine’s Day deals, especially staycation packages. This year, for example, Hilton Dubai Palm Jumeirah is collaborating with Flowers.ae. Couples can spend a night in the hotel’s presidential suite, which will be adorned with 5,000 red roses imported from Europe. A one-night stay in the room, which comes with a terrace with a whirlpool, an outdoor bar, sun deck and dance floor, will set you back by Dh50,000.

Last year, The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai International Financial Centre offered a stay in the Royal Suite, with a spa experience rooftop dinner cooked by a private chef and breakfast in bed for $10,000. In Abu Dhabi, Emirates Palace offered a stay in its Khaleej Suite, with 24-hour butler service, a private abra cruise dinner at BBQ Al Qasr inside a tented gazebo and a couple’s hammam, for Dh7,412.

In 2018, Fairmont Dubai offered couples a two-night stay for Dh85,000 at the Imperial Suite, starting with a stretch limousine pickup, a helicopter ride over Dubai, a bouquet of 100 red roses and a set of diamond jewellery worth about Dh15,000.

Updated: January 25, 2023, 10:00 AM

Detox Box in Colts Neck NJ brings massage to Wall Street and you

Detox Box in Colts Neck NJ brings massage to Wall Street and you

COLTS NECK – Although Heather Lawrence makes a living offering comfort through her massage business, The Detox Box in Colts Neck, her journey to where she is now was anything but relaxing.

“I grew up being sheltered from the rest of the world in a very small village in Great Britain” Lawrence said. “As children, we were all bundled together in one school that was very basic and, as we grew up in that same environment, there was little opportunity to excel and make a good life for yourself. At one point, I was given a chance to work an office job, but I felt that I had something in me that inspired me to be better than that and I chose to follow my dreams instead.”


Does face massage make a difference to your skin?

Experts weigh in on the trend that’s said to delay wrinkles and firm facial muscles.

Alongside the rise of ‘skintellectuals’, with their carefully curated skincare collections and endless thirst for beauty knowledge, in the past few years. there’s been a huge trend for DIY face massage techniques.

Devotees – who include celebrities such as Goop guru Gwyneth Paltrow, model Miranda Kerr and singer Lizzo – claim that devices such as the gua sha (a flat, heart-shaped tool that originates in Chinese medicine), jade roller or ice globes, are the key to glowing skin and snatched contours.

Impressive before and after videos from facialists, show how gentle strokes with the fingertips can seemingly smooth away forehead lines, plump cheeks, and sharpen cheekbones.

But does face massage help in the long-run, or is it just a temporary fix?

What are the benefits of facial massage?

woman doing face massage

“It absolutely makes a difference, not only to the skin but to your collagen functions and facial muscles,” says Inge Theron, founder of FaceGym (facegym.com), the skincare brand with 12 skin studios around the world, providing ‘workouts’ not facials.

Face massage works by strengthening the fibroblasts in our skin, the cells responsible for collagen production, which have to be kept under tension to work at their optimal level.

“As we age, our fibroblasts start to lose this tension, and their efficiency begins to decrease. By using facial massage techniques, you are stretching out these fibroblasts, effectively waking them up, and stimulating them to work on collagen production.”

Plus, it can help with natural skin functions, she says: “Increasing circulation, boosting the lymphatic system and releasing tension – all resulting in firmer, toned muscles, enhanced contours and a lifted, radiant complexion.”

Can it eradicate wrinkles?

Others aren’t so convinced that massage will transform your looks.

“There’s limited research to show whether tools, such as a gua sha, can change your face shape or remove fine lines and wrinkles,” says Salome Dharamshi, dermatologist and founder of Sky Clinic (skyclinic.co.uk).

“However, there are short-term benefits to these tools. They can minimise puffiness through cooling (ice rollers) and lymphatic drainage, boost circulation, and minimise pores and puffiness.”

Dr Ross Perry, medical director of Cosmedics skin clinics (cosmedics.co.uk), says there are both direct and indirect effects: “Feeling relaxed and allowing yourself to destress does wonders for the skin. Done correctly, facial massage can help with blood flow and circulation.”

But you can’t expect a few swipes with a gua sha to counteract lots of late nights and not enough sleep, he continues: “Eating a healthy diet, drinking plenty of water, avoiding alcohol and cigarettes, a good skin routine, and exercise will contribute to great-looking skin.”

What do you need to know about DIY face massage?

“Before any of these tools are used, you need to start with a thoroughly cleansed face, and a serum or moisturiser, to ensure the skin is moist,” says Perry, who suggests watching an online video, and copying the movements an expert uses.

Dharamshi recommends using a facial oil: “It is important not to drag the skin, or use too much pressure, as this can result in minor bruising, bleeding or even burst blood vessels.”

woman using facial gua sha

You don’t have to spend hours slaving away in front of a mirror, Perry adds: “If you have time to incorporate a face massage once a week into your skin routine, then do so. It can be very relaxing.”

Theron recommends the little and often approach: “Even just a few minutes a day can offer big results. If you’re a beginner, start by trying out the hand movements from knuckling, to cheek hooks and eye lifts.”

Once you’ve mastered the basics, try using a gua sha alongside a hydrating face oil.

“This is your all-in-one tool, it helps define contours, release facial tension, de-puff, drain water retention, and much more,” she says.

“My top tip is to keep it in the fridge, for additional cooling and soothing benefits.”

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