Astrohealth – What Sun Signs Rule What Parts of the Body?

Go for Strength – Watch for Weakness

As a matter of Health and Vitality, astrological tradition places certain parts and organ systems in the body under designated Sun Signs. This system is based upon spiritual metaphor and strong symbolism. When you see it all in its entirety it makes much poetic sense. missqgemini hacking The following is a way for individuals to see themselves and their loved ones as potentially able to focus on certain parts of their body as having a locus of emphasis. This is a fascinating process and is fun to compare against live examples, as you go through your daily relationships and experiences.

Pisces – Foot Loose, and Feeling Immune –

The Pisces, at the end of the Zodiac, has the feet being ruled, along with the Immune System. This is of particular note. Pisces have accidents and weaknesses that affect their feet. Feet are particularly vulnerable from a structural standpoint anyway, With lots of bones in the feet, the Pisces needs to watch their step, literally. The Piscean emotional and psychic state is supremely important to them. The Immune System is all over the body, but it is centered in the intestines. Emotions live in the gut, especially negative, depressing feelings that can “eat away at you”. Pisces is vulnerable because they have so many UNEXPRESSED feelings. There is so much going on with a Pisces, it’s important to remember that they should seek out light-heartedness. A Pisces can be out of touch with itself. Swimming around in the depths, their wide-eyed wonder looking out of both sides of their body, a Pisces needs to get in touch with itself and not fall prey to subterranean, Neptunian hurts and wounds. Pisces should always think about Healing. It is therapeutic as a tool for clearing out their internal woes. In doing so, they will find themselves stepping with their feet in a sound and grounded manner.

Aquarius – Achilles Ankles and Keep that Circulation Moving –

The ankle is particularly vulnerable. Practically everyone has had a sprained ankle. And Aquarius gets ankle rulership. That means, good and bad happen there. Like Achilles whose ankle was the one area of vulnerability, and took away his immortality, Aquarians can be plagued with these The cirulatory system means not just the blood, but also the lymph. Aquarians can get clogged. I mention the lympatic system because it is as extensive as the blood in its avenues and byways. But the lymph system does not have a heart pushing things along. Its “heart” is the movement of the muscles which push the lymph. Do you see how this is connected? Keep moving and use your ankles and keep them healthy, because your circulatory success depends on your ankle motion and bodily movement.

Capricorn – Knees, Joints and Bones – And the Mountain High

The Mysterious Goat ambitiously climbing up the mountain to success, needs to watch out for its joints and bones and knees. It all sounds so precarious. And when you are looking down on those below you from a high perch, it’s always good to be reminded that you could fall. It is important for Capricorn to understand its skeletal vulnerability. The Saturnine aspect is strong here. Saturn rules structure. Capricorn thinks about the structure of its career and progress all the time, but there is an irony here. They can get so caught up in the success and progress that they can forget what got them where they are. Capricorn can make a mighty fall if they forget the basics. So Capricorn gets a health lesson and a career lesson in the same breath.

Sagittarius – Thighs and Hips Get You Over the Fence, or They Don’t –

The horse/archer relies upon their power and vitality to leap the fences and scale the hills of the challenging courses they choose for themselves. Hips and Thighs constitute the middle of the body, and thus the physical power center. Sagittarius can have great strength or on the vulnerable side, lose their vitality and power because of exhaustion. That is why the subtitle of this article is “go for strength, watch for weakness”. A unique watchword comes here too. Watch for overconfidence. The archer’s style is to be supremely stylistic as they show off their marvelous talent. But there is nothing worse than a perfect arrow shot that misses its target by a mile. There is nothing more embarrassing than a gorgeous leap in which a hoof is caught and the face ends up in the mud. Sagittarius should watch out for arrogance. Going for “style points” can often lead to a complete lack of basic performance. This “tripped up” quality can lead to a profound loss of confidence. This is what makes the Archer get up in the morning. And the loss of health shows itself in illness to the hips and thighs as a sign against their chief failing.

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