6 Tips I Learned To Grow Strong, Healthy Nails

There are three main nail layers, said Denny: dorsal (the uppermost layer), intermediate (just beneath this), and ventral (the last layer, which contains the newest, softest nail cells). “When water gets into your nail,” said Denny, “it can cause peeling at the tips. The unique surface of a crystal nail file is smooth and it seals the edge of the nails, so that any treatment you do next is going to stay inside.” In other words, sealing your nails in this way is going to keep nourishing ingredients from hand creams or cuticle oils under lock and key, and any potentially-damaging water out. Not sealing your nails regularly is a bit like “leaving the back door open and letting the rain in,” said Denny. “You’ll find that your nails grow a lot better,” he added. “This is the most important part of the nail facial.”