I’m an anti-aging guru and here’s my top tips to looking younger and you should ditch brushes and sponges to start

SKINCARE is so important at all ages – but an anti-aging guru has shared how she goes about performing a face massage to help you look younger. 

It can be hard to know how to look after your skin, especially as you grow older. 

Ava explained the 5 points you need to focus on


Ava explained the 5 points you need to focus onCredit: tiktok/@glowwithava
She showed how to perform the simple massage


She showed how to perform the simple massageCredit: tiktok/@glowwithava

But one skincare expert has delivered a masterclass in performing a simple massage on your face to help smooth out lines and wrinkles.

TikTok user @glowwithava has shown her viewers how to conduct the treatment on themselves using just their fingers. 

“When you don’t have a fancy tool, fingers are your best friend,” she began. 

In the video, she shared the five points of her face and neck she always focuses on when doing an anti-aging massage

“I always like to start from the bottom next to my lips, you just want to lift in upwards motions.

“You want to do this five times on each point and you want to make sure you have a really good grip,” Ava says.

She recommends using a serum or moisturiser underneath which is good for laugh lines but also for people with allergies. 

Ava continues to lift the product up her face in gentle motions before moving onto the eye area.

Rubbing underneath her eyes, she said: “Applying pressure around the eye area relieves tension

“This is because we use our eyes so much throughout the day,” as she continued the swirling motion. 

She advised viewers to “glide not tug” as they navigated the important area. 

Ava moved up to the brown bone area and recommended the same motion, which she said has a lot of tension. 

“Oh my God, this will surprise you because it feels so nice to glide across your brown bone. 

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“Lastly, glide across your forehead for fine lines,” she concluded. 

Viewers in the comments were praising Ava for the tips and vowed to give it a go for themselves. 

She says this massage can be done at any time of the day too, so you can easily fit it into your routine. 

She gradually moved upwards towards her brow bone and forehead


She gradually moved upwards towards her brow bone and foreheadCredit: tiktok/@glowwithava

Ava’s video quickly racked up 88.7K likes and has been shared over 5,000 times by TikTok users.

The beauty whizz shares videos on TikTok and Youtube to a huge audience of 1.6million and 237,000 followers.

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